1st Conference of BUF

The Urban Exhibition

One of the key events of the First Session of the BUF will be an Urban Exhibition. The Exhibition will be held in the Milky Way, the heart of the BICC, and will comprise three sub-exhibitions: The Young Professionals’ Urban Vision; Best Practices & Innovations to Make Cities and Towns Work for All; and The Urban Championships.

1. The Young Professionals’ Urban Vision:

Planning and architecture students will present the models of their visions of the future urban Bangladesh. These visions cover five urban themes: water front development; urban renewal; inclusive housing; urban mobility and urban open space. The best three models submitted for each theme will presented in the exhibition.

2. Best Practices & Innovations to Make Cities and Towns Work for All:

A total of 12 urban sub-sectors have been selected in which to present best practices and innovations that make cities and towns work for all. Lead organizations for each sub-sector will coordinate the contributions of other organizations to this exhibition. The sub-sectors and lead organizations are as follows:

  1. Water and Sanitation: Water Aid
  2. Waste Management: Waste Concern
  3. Housing Solution: HBRI
  4. Transportation: JICA
  5. Health: Mary Stopes
  6. Education: Campaign
  7. Environment: BAPA
  8. Poverty: UPPR
  9. Urban Governance: Shujon
  10. Social Security: Ain o Salish Kendro (ASK)
  11. Disaster and Risk Management: CDMP
  12. Youth and Children: UNICEF

3. The Urban Championships

The Urban Championships Exhibition will present the 20 best initiatives taken by Mayors to make their cities and towns work for all. Participants at the First Session will vote for their favourite initiatives, with the Mayors responsible for the top three initiatives receiving awards.

For inquiries on the Urban Exhibition contact exhibition@bufbd.org