1st Conference of BUF

1st Conference of BUF

5-7 December, 2011, BICC, Dhaka

The three day long 1st Session of Bangladesh Urban Forum began with the Inaugural Ceremony attended by the Honourable President of Bangladesh, followed by a visit to the Urban Exhibition. The Closing Ceremony was attended by the Honourable Finance Minister, GOB having State Minister for LGRDC and State Minister for Housing and Public Works as the Special Guest.  Read More

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  • The Urban Exhibition


    One of the key events of the First Session of the BUF will be an Urban Exhibition. The Exhibition will be held in the Milky Way, the heart of the BICC, and will comprise three sub-exhibitions: The Young Professionals’ Urban Vision; Best Practices & Innovations to Make Cities and Towns Work for All; and The Urban Championships.

  • First Session of BUF


    The Government of Bangladesh will hold the First Session of the BUF from 5th to 7th December 2011 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre. The process of promoting stakeholder engagement with the BUF as an institution will continue with programmes and events held throughout 2012 and beyond, leading to subsequent BUF national events.

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  • Download Report of BUF 2011

    Report of the 1st Session of BUF