BUF Inter-ministerial Steering Committee

21 members Inter-ministerial Steering Committee (IMSC) has been constituted through GoB official order (headed by Honorable LGRD&C Minister and State Minister for Housing & Public Works Minister as Chair and Co-Chair respectively) on May 31, 2012. The committee has the following Terms of Reference (TOR);

a.    National Steering Committee shall coordinate among the concerned organizations/authorities, local government institutions and other stakeholders in the urban sector for urban policy and urban development;

b.    Advise on activities related to urbanization and its growing importance and for undertaking pragmatic steps for urban development

c.    Other issues related to the above.


The BUF Steering Committee will achieve the objectives for BUF through the support and assistance of the following;

a.     BUF Clusters (8 Clusters)

b.     Core Group of Clusters and

c.     BUF Secretariat


Organizational Structure of BUF